An exciting and rare look inside the illicit world of endangered species smuggling and poaching.


The true story of man’s journey to help and protect animals across the globe.  Trading the comforts of home to investigate the exploitation of dogs in endurance contests at the high end of the social spectrum and those wandering ill and feral throughout Third World city streets at the other. 

David K. Wills would be the one to shine the light of public exposure on the slaughter of horses for food, the killing of elephants for ivory and decimation of rhinos for their horns.  Traditionally is is a world of shadows and, often, one that shifted back and forth between what is legal and its opposite in the countries he operated. 

This is definitely not the world approved of by HSUS’ Board of Directors or their list of polite society big dollar donors.

David K. Wills
David Wills, Author

My Life With Uncle Joe

A touching and poignant memoir of unconditional love.


The true recollections of a man looking back at a pivotal time in his life growing up in the backwoods of Boyds, Maryland.

Fondly remembering the visits to his Aunt Diane and Uncle Joe’s home that provided a respite from a difficult home life.

Uncle Joe considered by many at the time to be ‘touched’ displays a level of insight-fullness and wisdom that is accompanied with kindness and compassion.

As much a fond remembrance as it is a celebration of character and being able to embrace your strengths.